October 14, 2011

Why Design Build Works

The Advantages of Working with a Design Build Contractor

Design to build works because of its very nature. In fact those who choose to build before completing a well drafted design generally ends up cost themselves 10-20% more in construction cost alone…not to mention the shear stress of it all.  If you ask any seasoned professional to do an addition or major renovation some of his first words would surely be “do you have plans”.  Because it is the cornerstone for a well planned and executed construction project.


Let’s face it construction costs are NOT going down, nothing is… that’s why it is so important to plan well, BEFORE you build…and you’ll end up saving money.


Hiring the right contractor can be all the difference in a enjoyable remodeling process. Although there are many excellent contractors out there who also strive to be honest and professional…we believe BCI’s approach to creating new homes, renovations, remodeling or home improvements is at the cutting edge of technology. We use the latest software and equipment to draft design plans and estimate out. Because we do everything here at Bonnevie Construction, Inc. from design to build we are with you every step of the way, and saving you money and frustration all along the way.







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