July 11, 2013

Three season’s Room ~ Eze-Breeze Vertical Four Track Window System

The summers just aren’t long enough in New England; a three season’s room can extend your outdoor season and keep you comfortable while enjoying the fresh air. Once the bugs come out the swatting and painful bites begin. Mosquitoes, green-heads and many others invade our personal space. Aside from the pests’, the hot summer sun can keep you from the outdoors. Shade can be priceless on these days, try to picture peacefully sitting out in the fresh air with no bugs and in the cool shade of your three season’s room. The Eze-Breeze vertical four track system is the solution to extend your time to spend enjoying the fresh outdoor air. It’s also a great extension to your home for family activities and outdoor dining.


If you are considering adding a patio space or deck onto your home, consider instead a three season’s room. Patio spaces in this area can collect leaves which build up and create a mossy mosquito infested areas. Most decks are not usable in the winter and they don’t protect you from the elements like rain, snow and who can forget the bugs! If you have a Deck considers converting into a three season’s room.


There are many interior options for a three season’s room like; roof windows, bead board walls and ceilings, carpeting, stone tile, adding a ceiling fan, and many others but the exterior is just as important. The Eze-Breeze vertical four track system is a heavy gauge aluminum frame with an interior vinyl glazed window system and exterior screening. The system comes in a choice of three colors for both track and vinyl glazing. Having installed many of these systems in the past either by converting already standing decks or building complete three season’s rooms to the back of a home BCI would highly recommend this system.


One feature Eze-Breeze room enclosures includes is Vinyl Technology. Vinyl Tech is a great alternative to glass. This flexible material is transparent like glass but is not breakable. You can enjoy your porch for most of the year with the Vinyl Tech sliding panels from Eze-Breeze. The 10mill premium vinyl that is durable and flexible, so flexible you can press your hand into the screening and will return to normal once your hand is removed. These panels are rugged enough to stand up to the harsh New England winters and blazing sun. The horizontal sliding panels are custom made to fit any openings up to 48” and designed to blend seamlessly to any style home.


You work hard… live easy while adding value and functionality to your home. We hope this information was informative, if you’re interested in learning more about a three season’s room call Bonnevie Construction, Inc. today and let us guide you while we design and build your new three season’s room.