February 21, 2012

Create Your Patio or Porch Today with BCI

Patios and Porches Add to Your Living Space

The Outdoor Room

These days an outdoor room is more than just a sitting area with a few chairs and a grill. Today it’s a well thought out and planned living space that, when complete, includes a comfortable sitting area, a well laid out cooking area, a heat source (fire pit or fire place), and some tasteful lighting to set a mood.  It may also include some sort of water feature like a fountain or spa and maybe even a pool. Although in New England pool’s are rare but do add a level of excitement to the space.

Bring the outside in…


A Team Effort

Creating a functional and beautiful outdoor living space may not take a village, but it certainly requires the skills of a knowledgeable design build re-modeler, working closely with product dealers, landscapers and of course the owners. A good designer can help you visualize and better understand the lay of the land. For instance…if a client wants to create an outdoor space or room in what they consider the best spot in the yard, I would possible suggest otherwise.  Perhaps I would  suggest a spot that overlooks the best spot if conditions where right…or show how one could incorporate a bad spot into a good spot that overlooks the best spot… I hope you get my point anyway.

 Designed to please…

Landscaping is a key component in the ascetics of your patio space

Many designers suggest building decks with a step down off the back of the house so the view from inside the home isn’t obscured by any deck railings or barbecues. A view I agree with completely, in fact if the land permits it, having several step downs makes for an elegant flow out to the yard…assuming wide sweeping steps are not an issue. Lighting is another key element that’s adds not only a safety aspect to a build, but a warm embrace to the new space…no rhyme intended.

Hire a designer who can see the layout differently than the person who is living there. It’s important to have a person that can see the land clearly and is able to disguise any blemishes in the landscape. While the designer brings a creative part to the table and the builder brings in the skills needed to create it. Bonnevie Construction, Inc. brings both of these elements to you with a simple approach that is easy to understand and simple to follow  using our unique 3d development tools.

There’s no denying times are tough right now. But if prepared with the right contractor and the right tools. You can add beauty and value to your home with an outdoor living area that is both useful and elegant.

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